Who Am I?

I am a healthy, mindful optimist who is an adventurer with the gift of encouragement. 

Every day is a new adventure and I choose to take the road less traveled.


My Mission in Life is:


To purposefully live in the Sacrament of the Present Moment, touching the lives of others with the presence of God, bringing joy, healing and peace. 


In order to fulfill my calling I must have:


- living well and staying mindful, while exploring life as an avid adventurer 


- accepting the gift of the moment while trusting God to perfectly manage the future


-  dreaming big, while mindfully and wisely taking attainable steps to the realization of those big dreams. 



I am living out my my mission through four forms of adventure


      — coaching (adventure as empowering others on their life's journey)

      — writing  (adventure as sharing knowledge and wisdom through educare,) 

      — music (adventure as soul restoration,) and

      — traveling - (adventure as learning and sharing)


Although the forms of adventure may change in the future, my formula for living will remain the same:

Bend -

being open to whatever life brings (mindfulness)

Stretch - 

developing the capacity to manage whatever life brings  (taking the right action)

Rest - 

letting go of all striving and just being content and relaxed in the moment (body and soul restoration)

Repeat -  

when the moment of rest is sufficient, stepping back into mindful action, tweaking my actions as necessary, and continuing on.


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